Case Studies

LPR Construction
OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

SITUATION: LPR provides industrial construction and steel erection services across the United States. They have built a number of well-known public structures, including Colorado Rockies stadium, Denver Art Museum, and Atlanta Braves baseball stadium. First VPP-certified in 1998, LPR was the first construction company in Colorado to achieve VPP Star Site status and is proud to be the longest consecutive VPP member in Region 8.

CHALLENGE: LPR was due for an OSHA VPP 3-year renewal audit in August of 2017, however their safety director had left the company. They had also identified a deficiency in industrial hygiene monitoring at an out-of-state site that needed to be addressed immediately. With an open Corporate Safety Director position, an upcoming VPP audit, an industrial hygiene issue, and active, ongoing projects and demands from General Contractors regarding safety items, Chief People Officer Suzanne Deremo turned to Hellman & Associates for help. H&A had been referred to LPR by the regional OSHA VPP director and had assisted LPR with the preparation of their annual VPP self-evaluation earlier in the year. H&A’s technical expertise and familiarity with both the VPP audit process and industrial hygiene made them an obvious partner.

SOLUTION: H&A worked with LPR’s Chief People Officer and interim Safety Director to help prepare for the VPP audit. This included reviewing and assessing LPR’s overall Safety Management System for compliance with VPP guidelines and requirements, visiting jobsites, and helping prepare management, supervisors, and employees for the audit. H&A also developed an industrial hygiene monitoring program to address LPR’s pressing compliance issue. The well-organized documentation and thorough presentation that LPR and H&A produced were the keystone for renewal.

RESULT: The VPP audit was conducted by two Federal OSHA employees and six team members from other VPP organizations over a three-day period. LPR passed with flying colors, an excellent beginning to their 20th year in the VPP program.

“Hellman & Associates was great. They partnered with us through the entire VPP renewal, helping us get prepared and organized well in advance of our audit. Throughout the engagement they were very fair with their billing, which really instilled trust and just made me want to use them more.”
–Suzanne Deremo, Chief People Officer, LPR.

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AG Machining
Interview with Jamie Gelwick, Safety ManagerCorporate

SITUATION: AG Machining supplies complex assemblies to companies in the aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, technology, and industrial controls industries. Their precision machining, sub-assembly fabrication, powder coating, and production engineering operations have a high potential to introduce safety hazards.

“My relationship with Hellman’s safety managers over the years has been outstanding. They know our building, they know our people, and they know our manufacturing processes. We had an unexpected OSHA visit and Ryan stepped in to address the issues on our behalf. It’s nice to have somebody like that in your corner.”

CHALLENGE: AG Machining is a family-owned company where management wears several hats. They had created a safety program in-house, however they were concerned that they were not implementing adequate precautions to protect employees and satisfy OSHA and EPA requirements.

“Hellman & Associates’ consultants are knowledgeable about both EPA and OSHA requirements as they relate to our manufacturing facility. I still have a hard time keeping up, so I am thankful to have their consultants to assist me and keep us on track.”

SOLUTION: In 2005, AG Machining hired Hellman & Associates (H&A) to perform a Compliance Action Assessment and signed up for the AssuredCompliance™ program. To begin with, H&A wrote/revised the health and safety manuals to apply to site- and job-specific hazards as well as regulatory requirements. H&A then developed training materials and implemented a compliance calendar to keep all training and tasks current. In response to a specific OSHA inspection, H&A implemented a safety program for press brakes that complied with OSHA’s directive. H&A also developed a lockout-tagout program and specific procedures for more than 80 equipment types.

RESULT: H&A is now in its 10th year of providing outsourced safety management under the AssuredCompliance annual contract agreement. Examples of H&A’s ongoing services include:

“Since 2005, Hellman & Associates has greatly improved our safety record and our compliance. They have put effective programs in place to satisfy all of our regulatory requirements and represented us in several OSHA inspections. I wish we would have called them sooner!”

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Coblaco Services
Interview with Steve Davis, PresidentCorporate

SITUATION: Coblaco Services, Inc. is a Colorado-based industrial coating company that has accrued more than 10 million work hours over the past 30 years. Coblaco and its subsidiaries have completed more than 500 projects in the public and private sectors, including major league sports stadiums, power generation plants, food and beverage plants, bridges, and dams. Their facilities and operations are subject to government regulations and they are often required to produce safety credentials in order to bid on large projects.

“With Hellman & Associates, I’m sure that my employees are safe and my site is compliant, which frees my managers up to focus on building our business and providing quality service to our customers.”

CHALLENGE: Coblaco’s workers’ comp mod rate had been steadily increasing at a considerable expense to the company. As a small business, they lacked the budget for a full-time environmental, health and safety (EH&S) position, yet management did not have the time or qualifications to implement a comprehensive program.

“Hellman & Associates is the only company we found that addresses safety issues before we have a problem – prior to authorities coming on site.”

SOLUTION: Coblaco hired Hellman & Associates (H&A) to provide AssuredCompliance™ annual contract services to identify and remedy program gaps and manage their EH&S program. When Coblaco acquired a new company without a safety program, H&A performed an EHS and Department of Transportation (DOT) audit and onboarded new employees to the safety culture H&A has helped cultivate over the past 10 years. In addition, H&A has helped Coblaco compile the credentials and solid safety record required to apply for large-scale projects.

“We identify companies we want to work with, and H&A helps us set goals and implement training that fulfills their requirements for contractors. We waited nearly four years to get into a major refinery, but with H&A’s help they are now a client.”


“H&A’s expertise has helped us reduce injuries, lower insurance premiums, and inculcate a strong safety culture at Coblaco. They’ve guaranteed our compliance and nearly eliminated the possibility of future citations. They also led us through two investigations where their regulatory knowledge proved to be invaluable. We’re a safer company for having them around, and that’s good for our employees and good for our business.”

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Sorin Cardiopulminary
Interview with Dan Pace, Facility ManagerCorporate

SITUATION: Sorin researches, manufactures, and delivers cardiovascular products that help improve the health and quality of life of more than 1 million patients in 100 countries every year.

“My relationship with Hellman’s safety managers over the years has been outstanding. They know our building, they know our people, and they know our manufacturing processes. We had an unexpected OSHA visit and Ryan stepped in to address the issues on our behalf. It’s nice to have somebody like that in your corner.”

CHALLENGE: In 2007, Sorin shut down their plastic injection molding operation and clean room at their Colorado facility so they could focus on their core competency, manufacturing Perfusion Tubing Systems (PTS). As Sorin right-sized their business, they also needed to right-size their EHS support level. They were looking for site- and industry-specific support based on their evolving needs.

SOLUTION: Hellman & Associates (H&A) proposed an outsourced safety management model that would assume the EHS functions of Sorin’s previous full-time safety manager under a 16-hour per week contract. In addition, H&A took over hazardous waste management and disposal, which was being outsourced to another company. As Sorin withdrew from the clean room they previously occupied, H&A helped mitigate the hazardous waste and supported the due diligence reviews and documentation required for the space to be transitioned to its new tenant. Once the right-sizing was complete, H&A continued to partner with Sorin to meet their compliance and training obligations, gaining efficiencies that eventually ramped Sorin’s contract down to just four hours per week.

“Hellman & Associates is a reliable, stable, excellent company. The people Ryan has hired all love working there, and it is apparent in their diligence serving their customers. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and top-notch in the field of environmental health and safety. I can rest assured they are monitoring our operations to make sure we’re safe.”

RESULT: Since 2007, H&A has reduced Sorin’s environmental health and safety commitment from a full-time safety manager to four hours a week. H&A remains flexible to Sorin’s changing needs, and recently transitioned training tools and documentation to Sorin’s management team in response to the company’s initiative to move baseline training in-house. H&A continues to perform onsite inspections as well as training in specialty areas such as hazardous waste removal and logging, ergonomics, chemical handling, and respiratory safety. Sorin’s comprehensive program continues to improve safety in the workplace, with injuries dropping 43% in the past three years alone.

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